Social media backlash after AC Milan’s ‘bizarre’ haka performance

<strong style="font-size: 13.


008px; line-height: 1.538em;”>The World Game: AC Milan perform publicity stunt version of the Haka against Carpi

Italian football club AC Milan are facing criticism online after a performing a strange version of the haka before a Serie A match against Carpi.

Video footage of the performance shows AC Milan doing a combination of movements – including a motion of rubbing cream on their faces – in front of the Carpi players lined up in front of them.

The performance was staged as a publicity stunt for the skincare brand Nivea and reportedly carried out by actors in AC Milan uniforms.

Fans and commentators were quick to lambaste the “haka” on social media:

Why the hell am I seeing pictures of AC Milan players doing the Haka before their game tonight? #embarassing

— Tom Hendricks (@TheTomHendricks) April 21, 2016AC Milan just did a pre-match Haka as part of a Nivea marketing campaign.

There are absolutely no words. None. 苏州美甲培训学校,长沙SPA,/jTKiGp0Ztj

— Adam Digby (@Adz77) April 21, 2016Ac Milan have gone from the best team in the world to performing the Haka for money in just 11 years. Very sad pic.twitter苏州美甲培训学校按摩论坛,/hfHiXkdYtx

— Round The Bend (@ROUNDTHEBEND__) April 21, 2016for some reason AC Milan saw fit to perform a haka before their match overnight. i expect NZ to declare war on Italy 苏州美甲培训学校,长沙SPA,/xZANcJcKNO

— Vince Rugari (@VinceRugari) April 21, [email protected] So much bad karma coming your way and for nivea too. That haka was a disgrace. No more nivea in this house!

— Carolyn (@Slocar) April 22, 2016I’ve seen crazy things in football but Ac Milan doing the haka beats all …

— ColmJimmyPearsonx (@colmpearson) April 21, 2016

That AC Milan Haka pic.twitter苏州美甲培训学校按摩论坛,/12s4QLU3HE

— Dani Gladdy (@RealDaniGladdy) April 21, 2016

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